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The sounds of life on the pages of a book


Use our free app to make sound recordings that capture the moment.



Connect them to the Mayfly illustrations in our Journals, Stickers and Jotters.


Hear them spring to life by holding the app over the printed Mayflies.


Sound Sketching

'As I sketched in my Jotter I made atmospheric sound recordings.'

Collecting & Recording

'I filled my journal with tickets, receipts and the sounds from my trip.'

Wedding Messages

'Guests left recorded and written message for the happy couple. '

Photo Memories

'As Dad reminisced we left sound stickers on the pages of the photo album. ' 

Learning Aid

'My students really enjoyed the multisensory approach to learning.'  

Writing Music

'I'm always coming up with ideas for songs from the world around me.'

Treasure Hunt

'Each sticker had a message describing how to find the next.'

Searching for Mayflies

'We were enveloped in a cloud of dancing mayflies.'