Where do I find a key code?

Your unique key code can be found in your new Journal or packet of Stickers. You need this to make a collection in the app that links to your product. If you bought your product before we introduced the key codes or you want to try out the app, press 'I don't have a key code' and you will be given one free collection.

How do I make a sound recording?

Press the round record button to start. When you have finished, press done. You will be taken to an edit screen where you can name your sound, listen back, select a Mayfly to attach your sound to, choose a collection (it will default to the last collection used) and add photos. Press save or delete to return to the record screen.

How do I attach a Mayfly to my sound?

Do this via the edit screen after you have made a recording. Flick through the Mayfly illustrations to choose one. They have fig. numbers that correspond with the printed versions.

Can I attach more than one sound to a Mayfly?

Yes, select via the edit screen after you have made a recording. The number of sounds attached to each Mayfly is shown at the top of the green circle.

How do I add a photo to a sound?

Via the edit screen. Press the camera symbol then decide whether to take a photo (this will allow you to access your device's camera) or choose a photo from your library. The photos will be cropped so they are square.

What if I don't have time to make edits and changes straight away?

On the edit screen, just press save. Your sound will be given a default name of untitled: date/time, attached to the next unused Mayfly and put in the last collection used. You will be able to go back and edit these later.

How do I edit my sounds/change mayfly/add photos if I come back later?

You can access the edit screen any time via Listen. Select which collection you want and then press Review Collection. You will see a list of your sounds in that collection. Slide to the right on the sound you want and press edit to be taken to the edit screen. From there you can edit the name of the sound, change the Mayfly attached or add photos.


I have logged in to my account on a different device, but I can't see any of my collections.

Your sounds are saved onto the device you use to record them. If you log in to your account on another device, you won't be able to access your collections unless you have backed them up. First back up your collections on your original device. Then log in on the other device and go to Request Backups via the menu. They will be sent to the email address you have registered with as emailed links. Open those links and your collections will save in the app on the new device.

How do I email individual sounds?

To email individual sounds to yourself or friends, select a collection (via Listen) and 'review'. Swipe to the right on the sound you want and press Share. You will be taken to an email in the mail client set up on your device containing your sound and photo, which you can send to who you like.

How do I backup a collection in the app?

Press Listen then open your list of collections. Swipe to the left on the collection you want to backup and press the blue share/back-up button. Or, if you go into a collection, a tab at the bottom gives you the option to Share/Back-up. Either route will take you to a screen where you can Start Upload. Once your collection has uploaded to our server, you will see a pop-up that lets you know your backup has been successful.

How do I restore from a backup?

If you ever need to restore your backups, for example to a new device, go to 'Request Backups' in the menu. You will receive an email (to your registered email address) containing links to your backups and instructions on how to restore them.

How do I share a collection?

Follow the same instructions to backup a collection. Once your collection has uploaded to our server, a pop-up will ask if you want to share it. This will take you to the mail client on your device with an email containing a unique url for your collection and details about how to download the app. You can add your own message to the email and then send to anyone you want to share your collection with.

How do I save my sounds and photos onto my computer?

If you want to save your sounds in one go, plug your device into your computer (this should be the computer it is synched to). Open your device in iTunes and go to apps. Find the Mayfly Sound App. You will see a list of folders that correspond to your collections. The folders contain all your sounds and photos. Drag any folders you want to save onto your computer.

Can I share my sounds on social media?

Not directly from the app yet (although we are working on it). To share a sound on social media, follow the instructions on how to email individual sounds. You can then use the files in that email to share on social media.

I have a new phone - how do I transfer my collections?

When you restore your backup from iTunes, your Mayfly Sound app will restore as it was on your old device. If you don't have an up-to-date iTunes backup, but you backed up your collections within the app, download the Mayfly Sound app from the App Store, then go to 'Request Backups' in the menu.


I've forgotten my login details, how do I get them back?

You will remain logged in unless you logout via the menu. If you do logout, you can retrieve your password by pressing Forgot Password on the login page and inputting the email address that you registered with.

I have saved a sound but I can't attach a Mayfly.

If you did not follow the prompt to create a collection when you first opened the app, your recordings will default to Uncatalogued Sounds. It is not possible to attach Mayflies to sounds in Uncatalogued Sounds, so you will need to create a new collection. To do this, go to Create a Collection in the menu. You will be asked for a key code, which comes with each of our printed products. If you haven't bought a product, you can do so via Shop in the menu. Or, if you press 'I don't have a key code' you will be given one free collection in order to try out the app.

I can make a recording, but I can't play it.

This is probably because you did not give permission for the app to use your device's microphone when you first opened the app. To resolve, go to Settings > Mayfly and switch on the microphone.

I can't take a photo within the app.

This is probably because you did not give permission for the app to use your device's camera when you first opened the app. To resolve, go to Settings > Mayfly and switch on the camera

What if the app crashes?

Quit the app by double tapping the main home button on your device and then swiping it upwards to quit. Reopen the Mayfly app in the normal way. Please let us know if you experience any problems or have any feedback for us about the app by emailing us at:


Which models of iPhone are compatible?

Mayfly Sound is compatible with iPhone 5 and above. It is always advisable to ensure you have the latest app update and the latest IOS update.

Do I need to have access to the Internet to use this app?

Once you have downloaded the app, you can use the app offline. The only time you will need the Internet is to share, backup or to update the app.

Will this app work outside the UK?

Yes, the app works anywhere in the world, and can be downloaded anywhere in the world.

Is this app available on Android?

At the moment, it is only available on IOS, but we are working on it!

Can I use this app on an iPad?

Yes, you can.


Why do I need to log in?

This is so that we can offer the share and backup features within the app. We need to know who you are in order to be able to save your collections safely so that you can share them and request them back from us.

Can I attach sounds to my own drawings?

No, the image recognition within the app only works with the Mayfly illustrations. Apart from being core to the design of the products, this is so we can be sure they will recognise the image every time.

Why mayflies?

The word ephemera originates from the ancient Greek for mayfly and other insects that live for only a day or a short period of time. You can use your Mayfly to collect sounds that, like mayflies, would otherwise be here and then gone. You can also use your Journals to collect ephemera like tickets and receipts to add to your memories.