Listening to memories...

I added memories to our photos by using the Mayfly stickers and app in a family photo album.

For my dad’s 60th birthday I made him an album full of photos of his life, a sort of ‘this is your life’ in a big red book. When I was making it I gathered photos from different stages of his life but didn’t know anything about the story behind the picture, just recognizing his grinning face in the photo and adding it to the album.  

With no Facebook or Instagram status attached to these photos, I wanted to know what happened when that photo was taken, where was it taken, who by, who was he with, what was he doing there?

So with my Mayfly stickers, I sat down with dad and chatted with him about the stories and his memories of the relatives and friends he was with.

We placed a Mayfly sticker near each photo, so when we look back at the photos again we scan them and listen back. It was lovely to sit and chat with him, going through the album again and looking back on family and friends that I knew or didn’t, finding out any funny and sweet memories he wants to remember for years to come, with the Mayfly app.

- Alison Cowling


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