Treasure Hunt


We ran a scout activity night where we created a story based around the theft of a code that secures the scout gun store. This code had been 'encrypted' as a series of Insect stickers, and distributed around the neighborhood. Each sticker had a message describing how to find the next, and displayed an image of part of the code.

The scouts were split into teams and given a phone loaded with the images and sound files, and then sent out into the night to follow the trail.

In these days of technology I didn't think there was anything that I could present to them on a phone that would amaze and entrance them. How wrong I was. Quite simply, they loved it.

I think the mix of James Bond style gadgets, and sneaking around, was not something they had done before.

It was great. we scanned the codes and followed the trail and we got a bit of a code and it told where to go for the next one. I haven’t done it before and it was really good
— Billy aged 12
It was like a treasure hunt and James Bond, and it was really exciting.
— Missy aged 13
We had a phone but it knew what the insects were and it played us a message and we walked round the roads following it where it told us to go and we got bits of a code to save the scout air rifles. I want to do it again.
— Lee aged 11